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Flash Mom

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Tired of the doom and gloom baring 24/7 from every media porthole? 

What if hope was also being broadcast, but you just had to find the right channel? 

What if intuition, gut, and coincidence were signs that the universe is trying to communicate with you? 

What if the ability to access your sixth sense is not rare; it's real? 

Abby Kamen offers an entertaining account of her sixth sense awakening and her discovery of the sacred gift of nurturing. She deftly weaves the worldly and spiritual into a concise set of guidelines to help us navigate the chaos of the 21st century. By taking on the spirit of a camera, she encourages you to take a snapshot of your life and seek the meaning deeper than the obvious, your pathway to purpose. In doing so, Abby challenges each of us to embrace our responsibility to put the "human" back into humanity.

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