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"Lionheart" written by Chad Kamen

Performed by Chad & Samantha Kamen

First version of my song, Lionheart, featuring my sister and me. This song is about finding the strength to make the world a better place, and specifically, to fight hunger. Anyone can be a superhero; all it takes is just a little courage.

Thank you to Mom's Music for letting us film on location! It was awesome to come back to the place where I started playing guitar.

It took a walk down the street to see the fear in our eyes
A hungry people fighting, just trying to stay alive
Where are all the heroes when our people need them most
I just look around and say, they're everywhere I suppose

When Superman is busy, just ring me up a call
'Cause I will save the world, yes, I will show them all
You don't need powers or a cape to make a change
The world is just a giant link and you and I the chains

So go on go forth, love who you love
Feed those in need and fly like the dove
The world needs a fix-up, and we're all we got
Say "I am a Lionheart and this is my shot"

Sometimes, on occasion, we all need a bit of help
To nourish a whole nation all it takes is ourselves
Spread compassion with every heart you feed
Oh, we are, we are, what the world really needs, right now

PRECHORUS (repeat);

CHORUS (repeat):

Averting eyes might save you from what is here and now
But open eyes might change you and those that are around
So, don't look past the open hands, the cries for help, the empty cans
Somebody has got to save the day, don't walk away

Because, when Superman is busy, I'll stay by my phone
Arm and arm together we'll fight, just know you're not alone

CHORUS (repeat):
We are the Lionhearts and this is our shot
I am a Lionheart and this is my shot


"Lionheart" © 2014 Chad Kamen