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Kentucky Country Day FYI Online: Middle School Edition

Chain Reaction Blog

Kentucky Country Day FYI Online: Middle School Edition

Abby Kamen

"Kudos to the many members of the KCD community who participated as members of Team Food Chain in the Dare to Care Hunger Walk. KCD was a huge part of this event, and it showed in the media coverage! Second graders Sam Baker and Emily Gillis were shown on TV crossing the finish line, and the Courier-Journal coverage featured comments from the Hernandez family and a picture of middle school cross country team members Collier Garrett, Noah Gillis, Ryan Lentini, Kaitlyn Dwyer and Emma Baker. To top it all off, KCD cross country runner Parker Head was recognized for finishing in first place in the run!

Finally, kudos to seventh grader Chad Kamen, founder of Team Food Chain, for rallying the KCD community to participate in this event!"