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Friendships  Forged "For Good"

Chain Reaction Blog

Friendships Forged "For Good"

Abby Kamen

Pictured here is my dear friend Tamara Sandberg, the director of the Kentucky Association of Food Banks (KAFB). We met two years ago when I shifted the focus of my hunger relief efforts from being strictly local to include all of Kentucky. She is an a unbelievable force of energy - the "David" in the "Goliath" battle for hunger relief. Our partnership has been most successful.

On behalf of Tamara and I, thank you to everyone who donated to the License Plate for Hunger Relief Initiative. In my efforts, I raised $22,500, 100% of which is going directly to the KAFB! While I sadly could not establish the plate as a means of ongoing relief, the donations I received will have an immediate and direct impact on the communities we call home.

- Chad