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Concerned that their funding would be jeopardized

our story

Concerned that their funding would be jeopardized

Abby Kamen

Concerned that their funding would be jeopardized, the KAFB backs out of the plate initiative, encouraging TFC to carry on with the endeavor. To do so, TFC must become a 501(c)3, raise $22,500, and obtain the signature of 900 Kentuckians. On March 17th 2015, TFC appears before the DMV's Specialty Plate Committee for final approval.

Sadly, TFC has a St. Patrick's Day without the "luck of the Irish". The DMV goes back on their policy of lump sum and rejects TFC's funds raised through crowd-sourcing, pushing TFC's efforts back to square one. Rather than publicly fight the DMV's hypocrisy and cause a groundswell of negative energy, Chad moves forward without "letting his ego get in the way of his vision” and gives all of the funds raised directly to the KAFB.