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Team Food Chain is an award winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting efforts to better nourish Kentucky.

We do not need to just do “something.”
We need to do everything we can to better feed ourselves.

We have taken the Earth's bounties for granted, made access inequitable, and treated each other and our planet with disrespect.

Nourishment IS compassion.
Be compassionate to yourself and to others.

Great work is already being done, but each and everyone of us must take responsibility and act.
For “united we stand, divided we fall.” Join the Chain Reaction.

Team Food Chain is an award winning 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting efforts to better nourish body and soul. “Team” is the operative word. We have created a model of a “for purpose” rainmaker that is vested in the pursuit to feed souls daily.

We do not provide any programming, rather, we have found a unique niche as a champion of both adequate nutrition and compassion for all. Since we are not tied to specific functions as a non-profit, we are able to fundraise, connect sponsors, and advocate without competition or conflict of interest.

Our mission is to enhance and enable program-providing organizations to be even MORE effective.

The earth’s bounties are plentiful and we must take the time to appreciate them. Intentional nutrition for body and soul must be recognized as the bottom line for our survival in the future. We must put the soul back at our tables and into our lives. Tomorrow depends on how we address today!